Printing Newspapers with the Newspaper Club API

The Newspaper Club, which focuses on how paper and printed media can be a natural part of the web, just launched a newspaper API.

The Newspaper Club API provides programmatic access to ARTHR, a layout tool created for building classic looking newspapers designed for print.

The Newspaper Club API is RESTful, and provides access to manage newspapers, stories, users, pictures and stories. The API uses oAuth for authentication, and all requests and responses are in JSON.

To demonstrate how the API works, the Newspaper Club built a tool called The Telepaper, that turns a Readability Reading List into a newspaper using the Newspaper Club API.

Telepaper was announced as the runner up in the Readability API contest, taking home $1,000 for their inventive use of the Readability API.

The Newspaper Club API is an alpha release, and the engineering team admits that running an API is hard, and mapping the concepts of print layout to an API is even harder.