Aviary Launches Image Effects API

Aviary, a creator of web-based image editing tools, launched a new Effects API that can apply filters and utilities to photos via a RESTful interface.

What used to be done with server-side components like ImageMagick, can now be down through web APIs.

The Aviary Effects API provides the following functionality:
  • Auto-Correction - Remove red eye, fix lighting, remove blurriness, perfect contrast and color levels
  • Stylistic Filters - Apply retro, polaroid-esque, frames, comic book, with even more in production all the time
  • Utilities - Smart-crop a photo to a person's face, rotate a photo, create thumbnails, and resize a batch of photos.
The Effects API provides predefined settings that work well with most photos, or you can fine-tune the effect with the built-in controls.

kinlane-productions2kinlane-productions2 Since the Effects API has a RESTful interface it works with web and mobile applications.

The Effects API is the most recent addition to the Aviary family of APIs, which includes the Feather API, simple image editing, and Suite API, which allows users to launch any Aviary application from their web site.

Along with the release of the Effects API, Aviary has launched a new area to support developers, where you will find:
  • Simple explanation of all Aviary APIs on the homepage
  • Separate section for each API, which includes more details, examples, and documentation
  • Sandbox with place to test filter functionality.
  • Complete demo version of feather
  • Developer forum for developers to share and discover information.
The Effects API provides much needed tools for applications that are looking to build photo books, cards, posters and any other printed documents, where you will use photos and images.

With the Feather API and Suite API you can even enable users of your application to create and manipulate images within your app before exporting to PDF and publishing to the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API.