Upload Any File Type to Google Docs with API

kinlane-productions2 Over the next few days google will be rolling out the ability to upload any file type to Google Documents List API for all accounts.

Previously only Google Apps for Business users could upload any file type.

This opens up Google Docs as a true cloud storage solution. You can store any file type through web interface or via the API. This means any application can use Google Docs as the primary file store.

To enable uploads for all file types, developers must use the resumable upload feature of the API, and also pass in the ?convert=false URL parameter.

Google has also added checksums to all file that are not converted to a native Google Docs format. This means that if you upload a file type can't be converted, or if you choose not to convert a file to a native format, a checksum is now available to help guarantee the integrity of the file between storage and retrieval

With the ability to pay for unlimited storage, ability to upload any file types, and the Google Docs Listing API, Google is now definitely a major player in the cloud storage game.