Making E-Commerce Real-Time

I haven't seen much movement forward in the e-commerce / payment services space for a few years now. Granted there are a lot of players in this space, but nothing that has been game changing.

Setting up a site for e-commerce has always taken time. Its not a quick process. Paypal has made most of the advances in this space, but it still can take several hours to get up and going with their Paypal basic, and could be days to get up and going with Paypal Advanced integration. I came across a company called the other day. I learned about them through Mashape, who uses for their API. is a next generation e-commerce and payment services platform. Start selling in 60 seconds is their claim, and its no bullshit.

I just clicked on start selling and was given a form to fill out. What could I sell? I have a white paper laying around I've been meaning to publish.

Entered name, price, description, and some tags. Then I chose to attach file for user to download. Hit publish.

I was given a landing page where users can come, see the details of my white paper, and click to buy with using Paypal.

Someone had inquired about buying my white paper, I sent them email with link. 10 minutes later I had email saying there was $25.00 in my Paypal account.

Impressive movement forward in simplifying e-commerce and making it more real-time. I haven't even played with the API yet, more to come.