Visualize Big Data with Google Public Data Explorer

Google launched a powerful new big data visualization tool today. The Google Public Data Explorer allows users to upload their own datasets for visualization and exploration. The Public Data Explorer requires your datasets be described using the Dataset Publishing Language (DSPL), an open, XML-based metdata format optimized for data visualization.

DSPL provides a framework for:
  • Using of Existing Data - Add an XML metadata file to an existing CSV data file
  • Visualizations - Animated bar chart, motion chart, and map visualization
  • Linkable Concepts - Link to concepts in other datasets
  • Multi-Language - Create datasets with metadata in any combination of languages
  • Geo-Enabled - Include latitude and longitude data
  • Open Standards - Freely use the DSPL format in your own applications
Dataset Publishing Language (DSPL) gives users a standard way to describe their data, and the Google Public Data Explorer allows them to visualize and make meaning out of the data.

?The Google Public Data Explorer is the perfect tool for non-programmers like journalists to tackle and make sense out of big data sets.

?The Google Public Data Explorer also provides embed, linking and sharing options, allowing users to share, compare and make the whole process of data visualisation very public and social.