github Repositories for Your API Ideas

I'm still working on the deployment of the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print API area. In the mean time I am preparing a lot of content to publish when its ready.

I am noticing that code samples are common elements across my blog post, application directory and even some of my print ideas. Some code samples stand on their own, but most are inter-wined with blogs, how tos, and other content.

I've started using github for all the code libraries used in my API Area.

I'm referencing the github repository when I use a code sample or talk about functionality so that users can quickly get the code they need.

I also have a list of print integration ideas to get people thinking about whats possible with the Mimeo Cloud Print API.

For each idea I establish an open source github repository for it. Then I start assembling and writing code sample to help flush out the idea. The github repository will exist from idea to full-blown project or application, and developers can fork it and build their own projects at any point