Google Cloud Print is Available

Google finally released the long awaited Google Cloud Print with Chrome. You will need to download the latest version of Chrome to take advantage of Cloud Print.

After you connect your printer with the Google Cloud you will be able to print to your printer from any computer or smart phone. You will need to activate the Google Cloud Print connector in Google Chrome and your printer will automatically be available to you from Google Cloud Print enabled web and mobile apps.

If your printer can't be reached at the time you submit your print job (e.g. the computer running the Google Cloud Print connector is turned off), your job will wait in the print queue in the cloud. Your printer will download and print the job normally as soon as it comes back online.

As printing "seems" to be in decline I can see cloud printing changing the paradigm somewhat and opening up new forms of social and collaborative printing on demand. Also Cloud Printing will give us more control over our personal and commercial printing via our mobile phones.

I recently switched to the mac so I can't take full advantage of the Google Cloud Print Driver, but I will be playing with more as part of the Mimeo Connect Cloud Print Platform.