Programming is for Everyone

One thing I'm really enjoying with all the web 2.0, social, cloudy, mobile goodness that is going on these days is the general democratization of computing.

Cheap computers, mobile phones and cloud computing puts computing power in everyone hand.

Even though I've spent the last 20 years programming and running servers, I don't feel like a computer programmer. I feel like I've hacked most of it.

The most important lesson of Cloud Computing is the opening up and democratization of the block box formerly known as Information Technology (IT).

Computer Science is not a good ol boy network of elite college degree geeks. The man can't hide behind the curtain anymore.

With the flood of Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and DIY web 2.0 tools available anyone can be a programmer, web designer, designer, syadmin or any the class roles.

Don't be afraid of technology and realize your potential. There are so many opportunities on the Internet these days..