Google Alerts in Google Apps

Google is rapidly retooling many of the FREE applications we've come to know, and launching within the Google Apps cloud platform.

They released Google Alerts in the Google Apps area today, allowing you to setup alerts within your companies domain. I use Google Alerts to help me discover new information on a daily basis. The keywords and phrases I search for change from week to week depending on my focus, currently they are:
  • Print on Demand
  • Print
  • Publishing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Application Programming Interface
Google Alerts help me discover new blogs, sites and other information in these areas. It has become a primary method of discovery for me in my busy schedule, delivered in my inbox every evening. I can quickly scan the headlines to see if there are any important areas that I've missed in my daily blog consumption.

I also forgot the most important Google Alert keyword search of all: Kin Lane. The vanity search is the best use of Google Alerts, allowing you to keep in tune with whats being said about you, and your reputation in tact.

Google is rapidly migrating their key applications such as Google Reader and Google Alerts to their Google Apps platform. With the Google Apps Marketplace and these key applications now available, the platform is becoming a much more viable business cloud computing platform.