Tools - Share, Synchronize, backup files securely with Nomadesk

Always on the watch for quality file management tools to suggest to people. Nomadesk virtual fileserver acts just like a hard drive, storing important documents in one place with local and remote access from a PC, Mac or iPhone. You drag and drop your files into a virtual fileserver and files are automatically encrypted, backed up and available for file sharing. With Nomadesk, you can organize your files and folders just like any hard drive on your computer with no new interface to learn.

The Nomadesk dashboard is the intuitive interface for controlling the functions associated with all of your fileservers. The main dashboard menu allows you to synchronize all your fileservers at once, add and remove accounts, create new fileservers and set your options/preferences.

The fileserver menu gives you full control over each of your fileservers. With the click of a mouse you can synchronize, connect and disconnect, invite guests to join, and control access. The Nomadesk dashboard was design to be familiar and easy to use.

I will be test driving more and seeing if it is worthy to recommend to all my clients.