Google Word Doc to Google Presentation Converter

Here is a tool / idea that I came up with out of necessity. Like many of my ideas I probably will never get time to actually do it. So I am putting it out there to the universe and hopefully someone will do.

I am building an outline using Google Docs. This outline is my detailed breakdown of a web application. I am getting close to having outline finished.
Image representing Google Docs as depicted in ...
Now I would like to take this outline and quickly build a Google Presentation from it.

It shouldn't be too difficult to do using the Google Docs API. You could just break on the different <ul> <ol> and <li> items in the document and quickly give a visual interface for determining where you'd like the slides to breakdown.

Then I could just jump into each slide and create a visual and / or narrative to complete.

Google or someone other savvy developer could you get on this for me? Until then I will just have to copy / paste my outline into different slides. :(