How to Zip and Unzip Files

I love helping people learn about tools I take for granite. Things I know and use everyday.

kinlane-productions2 I also enjoy people who are humble enough to ask for help and say they just don't know how to use something.

I recently got asked how to create and use zip files. Using zip files is an important tool in maximizing your time and drive space and sharing files with other users.

Zipping files allows you to package up many files into a single file. It is the equivalent of putting away your winter clothes into a bag and sucking all the air out of it. Then you save space or can travel with it. Then when ready you can unpack.

So I put together to demonstrations on how to package up many files into a single Zip file. Then what to do with zip files when you receive on. This demonstration assumes you are running windows which has a zip utility built into the windows explorer system.