United States Quickly Falling Behind on World Stage

The United States is going to continue falling behind on the world stage as we prioritize spending our money on wars, wall street bailouts and other unnecessary things that do not help us grow as a society.

Finland recently made access to Broadband Internet a legal right. Also Uruguay has become the first country to provide a laptop for every child attending state primary school. These countries obviously see their future on the world stage is dependent on their investment in education and technology.

Getting kids access to computers and Internet from early on will give them a head start in life!

I speak from experience when I say computers can give you foundation for learning and education that literally will save your life. I always give credit to my computer science teacher Mr. Smith for fighting to get the few computer we had and introducing me to this world. It kept me out of trouble and gave me something to reach for. Also when the Internet came out it help further distract me from a very self-destructive path I was on.

This is what got me out of the small town I grew up in and it helped me get where I am today.

The United States Government has to wake up and make broadband Internet access and computer access a PRIORITY! What we have spent in Afghanistan and Iraq would have already paid for this. We are falling behind rapidly.

We seriously need an education bailout! And ensure every child has top notch computer and Internet access now.