Mobile Browsers are Definitely the Future

Was just reading a post on Mashable about Google: Browser is the Platform of the Future, Even on Mobiles.

Reading this and continuing my journey to understand mobile platforms, primarily IPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Which I feel are the big players you should consider these while planning your mobile application development and deployment. I can't help but think how much it costs to deploy a single application on a mobile platform. Let alone the same app on multiple mobile platforms.

It isn't easy to do this, and it isn't cheap.

However some companies have the appropriate data or tool that just screams, "I need a mobile application". And if you can justify the ROI of it, go for it. You should develop it.

However many companies can't justify the costs of mobile application development. So at the very least you should make sure your web site, web application, and blogs operate within mobile browsers.

I only have a handful of mobile applications on my blackberry. Facebook, Google Chat to name a few. Most sites I interact with through my mobile browser. Many sites I visit are very difficult to operate, if I can operate them at all.

So I guess my point is, the next logical step for your web application should be mobile browser compatibility. Mobile browsers are a priority now and definitely the future.