Recovery Money Investment Data Feeds

I am seeing more and more data available at the web site. The site provides some great overview of money distributed, but it takes forever to really dive into specific aspects of where the money is being spent at the local, state or federal level.

What I would like to see is on this Investments by Agency page, in addition to available and paid out amounts by agency is add a 3rd column with an XML / JSON data feed of exactly how this money is being spent.

Also on this Investments by State page I would like to see the same. I would like to not have to go to each states web site and follow the trail of PDF, Spreadsheet and state agency web sites to get what I am looking for. The federal government should be as part of the requirements that they all follow a standardized reporting methodology and utilize the same system for this reporting. I want an feed of all of this.

There is also an overview page of Investments by Category. Doesn't give you much breakdown. I want a feed of every program at all local, state, and federal levels broken down by category given to me in a XML and JSON format.

Think of the kind of transparency and scrutiny that would be forced upon all agencies regarding how they are spending the money. You would see every uber data geek out there crunching this data and providing mashups from every perspective. You'd see some amazing visuals in a heart beat.

The news agencies would love this kind of data.