Mobile Application Development

Watching the recent explosion in growth around IPhone applications and seeing the potential for other mobile application development on Blackberry, Android and other platforms...I can't help but think how this is the future of computing.

I see many useful business and fun applications on the Iphone and Blackberry coming out every day. I just spent the weekend with my eight year old daughter. Last night we were kicking back and looking for new games she could play on my Blackberry, she loves playing with either of my blackberries.

Mobile application development seems like a great way to get kids interested in the computer sciences and engineering. Iphone takes this potentially intimidating field and makes it exciting for a whole new generation who are being raised on mobile phones. My daughter is eight and she has a cell phone.

I would like to see Iphone, Blackberry, Android and general mobile phone development programs and curriculum in high school and universities across the country. Would ensure that the next wave of mobile innovation comes from the United States.

All we need is the current administration to make this kind of curriculum a priority in funding for the next 4-8 years. It would take advantage of a popular trend as well as create innovation in a growing industry.