SaaS and the Future

Was reading this post on, 90% of SaaS companies and Most I.T. Major Players will not exist in present form by recession's end.

I really can't speak to how much the recession and current economic crisis will affect technology, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS providers. However I relaly can believe in the consolidation of SaaS providers.

I see tremendous opportunities for some of the big players to go around acquiring Software as a Service providers to rapidly build a massive suite of quality services to offer.

Seems like a great way to build a great suite of tools and services without having to develop them internally.

I think many companies could acquire the best of breed services as well as seed the market with ideas that savvy developers could snatch up, develop and be ripe for acquisition.

I haven't done any of the math around the costs involved with taking and idea from start to market vs. purchasing an existing software as a service provider.

I could envision it would be affordable to let some starving programming do the grunt work, and then just snap them up.

Just a random thought!