Users are in the drivers seat for the next round of UI and user experience development

Users are quickly moving into the drivers seat when it comes to determining how a web application should look, feel and function.

Take the recent Facebook revolt where users banded together and made it clear that they do not like the new Facebook layout.

I don't think this was a single case where you have such a passionate base of users that they made their voice heard. I think this is the beginning of a trend.

I feel that application and cloud developers need to start building into their development cycle the integration of their users and their feedback. What do they want? How should it work?

There are enough power users who understand and get it, they will let you know.

Get ready for the age of user driven and crowdsourced web application development. That is just the user interface, you should be integrating developers with a good API, Widget Platform, and overall developers layer to your applicaiton.