My Documents in the Cloud

I just setup My Documents folder on my computer to automatically backup to Amazon S3 every night. I have kind of been half way doing this as I can, but with a recent laptop failure it became much more of an issue.

I had bought a new el cheapo laptop from Best Buy...and 3 months later the harddrive failed. They were able to recover my data, but there were things that could have been lost forever.

So I am not automatically backing up this data using my secure backup monitor I have installed. It takes all my data and moves it to the Amazon S3 Cloud every night. I also now have a separate backup running which backs up my data to the Mosso Cloud Storage. So:

Plan A - My Documents and Desktop backing up to Amazon S3 Cloud every night.

Plan B - My Documents and Desktop backing up to Mosso (Rackspace) Cloud every night.

Feels pretty good having 3 copies of my data. If my computer fails I am good. And god forbid Amazon should fail....i have another backup.