Domain Names

So I am continuing cleaning up my world. I recently let probably 20-30 domains expire. In the past I have had a domain adiction....I just buy them thinking...someday I will do something with that.

I know plenty of other geeks who do this. You just think....$10.00 for a domain...I can afford that!

Then 50-100 domains later you start questioning. What is wrong with me. Then you check-in to Betty Ford Clinic.

So anyways...I let a whole bunch of domains expire that I have registered with GoDaddy. In Janurary as I was getting the flood of emails saying each domain was expiring I somehow let expire. DOH!

Then I go into GoDaddy and they have a recover domain option. However it costs $90.00!! What the hell.....I spent so much money on domains it is hard to believe they now charge to recover a domain registration. Many times in the past when this happens for clients I just call and say I need to renew...and they just charge for renewal. Not recovery.

I'm a little disappointed GoDaddy.