Building a presence from ground zero

After I deal with all emails, fires, top requests, and spend a large amount of time on all my top projects I try to work on areas that are going to move my company forward.

Creating a presence on the Internet is priority one. WebEvents Global is 10 years old, has a very mature software package, and handles some large events for prominent names such as SAP, Google, Schwab. However our web presence is non-existent. The event planning industry is a very incestual industry where most people know each other and most referrals are through word of mouth. We have done well with this methodology.

Part of my role is to steer the company into the next generation of its development. So this involves bringing in the next generation of clientelle....this requires having a presence on the Internet and Social Media.

So where do you start? A web site of course.....well we just got a newer version up. It isn't all it could be...but its a presence.

So next steps are social networking profiles, a corporate blog and other online channels where we can share information about our company and the unique innovative way we conduct approach event management.

More to come as I continue down this road...