Joining the Conversation

Joining the Conversation is one my new catch phrases. It just sounds good, and it really means so much to me in the 2.0 world.

I have seen it so many places lately and describes so much about my approach to Social Media Marketing.

Marketing these days is not about broadcasting our message to an audience, it is about joining the conversation.

I have had lots of problems with business owners and clients not getting involved in their web site development, online marketing projects, and social media campaigns. They usually just say they don't understand it and want you to do it for them.

Joining the Conversation and requiring a site owner to get involved and provide regular interaction with site development and marketing efforts will be a common theme of mine in the future.

I just posted about gathering my comments and conversations as I place them using coComment and Firefox Add-on / Web Application combination.

Joining the conversation as part of a social media marketing campaign requires oversight and senior involvement from the client. The message has to be consistent and intelligent and have a voice.

The content you place on the Internet will stay there and represent you represent you and your company so it is a form of advertising as stated by Brian Clark of CopyBlogger in his blog If Content is the New Advertising, What does your Advertising say about you?

You have to put a lot of thought into that as you join the conversation.