Calling in and Managing some of my Systems

So I signed up for a system I really think is going to become a big part of my daily life. It is a voice to text voice mail system called Jott.

It is one of the best ideas and well built systems I have seen in a while.

The core of the system is I can call a number and say a word that references a name or link and then talk for 30 seconds and it translates the voice mail to text and registers it as a "jott" in the system.

Then based upon the word reference that I say it will email the text and a audio file link to the name of the person I say.

Or I can create links that go to specific applications and say that keyword and then it takes that text translation and publishes to that link target such as Blogger, Google Calendar, or Remember the Milk.

It also has a developer program for creating custom link targets, I am going to build one for Google Notebook.

Give it a try. I am thoroughly enjoying it. We'll see if it sticks.