Google Apps & Features

Google is really rock'n lately!

I have been really impressed with the line of products and features lately. I was impressed with Android and OpenSocial, but some of the latest incremental features are just working for me.

I really see things slowly coming together.

IGoogle just added the ability to share a tab with other Google users. This really opens up the possibilities for collaboration. Combined with Google Code, GData, and their IGoogle widgets you can really build just about anything. For project management, work pages, etc.

They also added where you can change the layout of your IGoogle page to different column formats.

Another system that is really coming is the contact manager for Gmail and Chat. They have added contact group which I see as the prelude of whats to come. I predict with the introduction of OpenSocial we will see the entire Google Platform take on more of the characteristics of a social network in the next year, allowing for more collaboration.

It's getting good.

It is all coming together...slowly...but surely.