No Big Resolutions, Just Ready To Work

As I enter the first business day of 2018 I realize I have written anything wrapping up 2017, or made any resolutions or predictions for 2018. I think this reflects where I stand in 2018. Last year I was a mess. I was pissed. I was sad. I was frustrated with where our country is headed. This year I’m on much solid ground, but I don’t feel like doing any grand standing regarding 2017, or getting all hopeful and optimistic about 2018. I’m just ready.

This year I will do a lot of consulting, reading, and writing. I’ll still be very opinionated on my blogs, but you’ll find me being a lot less ranty, as I’m on much surer footing. I dealt with a huge amount of my baggage in 2017, cleaning my closets of my rural mental illness roots, and dumping it in the trash. While there is still much work to do, I feel like I’m on the most solid ground I’ve been in years, and I’m ready to get to work.

I don’t think 2018 will be easy. We have a ton of work ahead. You’ll find me in D.C. on a regular basis, traveling internationally to Europe a little more frequently, and hunkering down, reading and writing in up-town New York. I doubt you’ll find me on the west coast much. I’m avoiding the shiny startup world, and the laid back west coast way of doing things, and immersing myself in my work. I’ll see you online, and if we are lucky our paths will cross on a meaningful project or two.

Let’s do this 2018.