I Did Not Write Everything That I Tweet Out

One thing I notice regularly in my storytelling and sharing in the API space is how many people don't really notice the authorship behind many of the stories floating around. I often see a retweet of one my tweets sharing out a story I have read, where the person references me as the author of it when it's pretty clear that it isn't API Evangelist if you click on the link.

There are a couple things at play here I think. The first layer of folks making this mistake is derived from the fact that people rarely actually read what they Tweet out. Many times folks are just retweeting a title that resonated with them, from a Twitter account they are familiar with. I understand that folks are busy, but you really should be reading things before you share. #JustSayn

Nexxt I think another layer of all of this is that even when people do read a post, they tend to not always see the author behind. I found that I didn't always notice the author, and learn their name before I began blogging regularly. If you aren't authoring content, I don't think you recognize authors work. It is one of those subtle things I think we can take for granted as we make our way around the Internet each day.

This is one of those things I won't be policing, but felt I should recognize, and help folks realize that I did not write everything that I tweet out.