All My Code Snippets Now Live As APIs Which Makes Them Way More Discoverable

Historically, I have a "working" Amazon EC2 micro instance, that is my playground for writing code. This is where I begin all my coding adventures, and often is where most of them end up living forever. I have a lot of great work here, that I easily forget about, shortly after pushing the ideas out of my head, and on to the server via my IDE. 

I have never had a way to index, search, or discover what this wide array of coding projects that I have produce--if a piece of code never gets a link in my administrative interface, it will often be lost forever. Sometimes I will write some code to support an idea, only to find a folder adjacent to it that does the same thing. Doh! I forget I ever did that!

With my new approach to managing my API stack as a series of Github repositories, the ultimate goal of any coding project, is to wrap it as a simple API. As I wrap up any little snippet of code, the final step is always to publish it to an existing repo, or create a new repo, and make sure it is available as a simple API endpoint.

As an API endpoint, in my API stack, every piece of code becomes discoverable via the APIs.json file, which I can browse via the Github Pages portal, or programmatically via its JSON. I'm sure some endpoints I may never use, but at least its available in my toolbox as an API, and who knows I may eventually put it to work, or evolve it as part of some future idea.

I'm already seeing a significant increase in my own operational efficiency because I have my earlier code toolbox available as an API stack.