Taking Another Look At The Tech Blogosphere

I used to be more immersed in the world of top tech blogs, when my partner in crime @AudreyWatters worked at ReadWrite, O'Reilly, and I knew more people on the beat. Over the last couple years, as I keep my laser focus on the API space, and often end up going directly to the sources of API news, I have reduced the the priority of major tech blogs in my feeds, and Twitter stream(s).

During thee planning of @APIStrat, and working with some of my clients at API Evangelist and APIWare, the question of other media sources, destinations, and voices in the tech space keeps coming up. As I'm crafting stories lately, I'm asking myself more and more, where should this be published? And maybe there is more value in some of this content being published beyond just my blogs.

To help me understand the landscape I went through the top tech blogs, and hand crafted a list of them, that I feel are relevant, and willing to sumissions, either as full stories or just as news tips. Here is the version 1.0 of this list:

While there are some other major publications with relevant tech news sections, these 24 represent what I'd consider to be the upper crust of accessible tech blogs, that would entertain tips, news submissions, and contributions from the space.

I'm not naive enough to just submit random stories to the list above, but with the right information, or possibly complete story, submitting to some of them might make sense from time to time. I have given quotes, information, and other contributions to some of these publications already, so I already have some inroads built.

In line with my approach to storytelling in the API space, I will also be working to profile, and built relationships with their editors and writers. I'm already used as the "API correspondent" for some writers at the publications listed above, so adding these companies to my monitoring system, where I can slowly add the writers for each publication, seems like a sensible approach.

It will take time, but I will hopefully be able to expand my information network, to include regular contributing, tipping, and sometimes just pointing more of these tech blogs to where I feel the relevant API stories really are.