From Quantified Self to Wearables - Why?

When it comes to many of the areas I research while tracking on the API space, it is common that some areas go dormant—I have learned to accept it. Unfinished, or inactive project used to drive me nuts, but they just “are”, in my current world—subject to further evaluation, if necessary. One of these areas, is the area I have historically labelled the "quantified self".

Over the last year or so, I've slowly stopped tagging things I've read, written or stumbled across as “quantified self”. Why? I stopped caring? Quantified self was never a thing? It failed! All I knew was I had stopped posting things to this label, or construct I’ve established in my world.

Meanwhile, I noticed a new growing area, called “wearables”. I was tagging more things as “wearables”. It is what the story had referenced in the title, or the article. The story was about a wearable device, that was using APIs to connect the item you were wearing to the Internet--was there a connection?

After stepping back I noticed that nothing had changed, they were the same devices, we had just changed what we were calling them. It is no longer about quantifying yourself, via Internet connected devices, using a wide range data points, now it was just about you wearing something—a wearable.

The conversations has changed — why?