Machine Readable Format For Migrating Concepts From Dreams Into The Real World

Obviously I’m working with APIs.json and Swagger a little too much, because it has really started to affect my dreams. Last night I had a dream where I was working with a university research team to define a machine readable format for migrating concepts from the dream world into the physical world.

I’m not sure I want this machine readable, but regardless it was a fun dream, and I wasn’t worried about this in the dream, so I guess it is ok. In the dream I was able to go to sleep and dream about a concept, then wake up and apply the same concept in my regular day via my iPhone. It allowed me to pick and choose from a notebook of things I had experienced in my dreams, and then apply in my daily life as I chose.

This post lives in the grey space between my fictional storytelling, and my API Evangelist storytelling, so I’ll leave it here on Kin Lane. If you are planning a startup in this area, let me know. ;-)