When Apps You Love Lose Their Utility

With the latest version of Evernote, I’m beginning to look for the next tool for managing my notes. I live and breathe in my Evernote. I am writing this post in there. I depend on the easy note taking via my laptop, mobile phone and tablet. Evernote is the heartbeat of my writing, and I write everything from email, to blog posts, and white papers in my Evernote, then publish to the appropriate channels once ready.

The last version changed the layout, added chat, and recommendations for outside related sources, to name a few of the most prominent feature changes I'm stumbling over. Some repetitive tasks that were one click before, now take me two or three clicks, making my organization of my writing much more difficult. The introduction of chat is not only useless to me, it actually invades my private writing sanctuary and just bothers me everytime I see the button at the top.

As I evaluate what it will take to migrate from the platform, I’m unable to get an API key, it just throws an error every time I ask for one. I submitted a ticket, and will publish a video of the problems I was facing at some point. I exported a notebook as HTML, just to see what was possible for migration from the interface, and the amount of garbage in the HTML is going to create a lot of extra work for me when converting.

We all seem to be infatuated with the constant march forward of technology, and it is something I am able find harmony within, and making sure my content, data, and other assets are well defined, and portable is an important part of this. I know Evernote has a wider audience to please than just me, but I’ve been a paying customer since 2011.

It makes me sad, but moving on for me has become esaier than ever, and I don't have time to dwell on break-ups--I just move on.