Forget Being Neutral And Objective Anymore With APIs

I commonly use the statement that I don’t work for any company, and I strive to be a neutral voice in the industry. After four years, I’m going to be ditching that rhetoric, so if you hear me say it, call me out and say bullshit!! First of all I don't believe the concept anymore, and I feel like it was bullshit to begin with, and as the API space is picking up momentum, I can't help but push some technologies, products, and services over others.

I’m writing this post to seal the deal in my own memory, which is the primary reason I blog. First of all, the companies that sponsor and support me, I can't help but endorse what they offer, not just because they give me money, but also the fact that they have a decent product, otherwise I wouldn’t be associated with them. Also there are a number of API related tools I use myself, and I can't help but talk about them over some of their competitors in the space.

If you see me endorsing a certain technology, it is often because it just works for me, and ask me why, I'll give you an honest answer. The main thing that spurred this post is I was writing a story about Swagger 2.0, and I always feel bad not writing as many posts about API Blueprint, as I do Swagger, but Swagger is in my consciousness because I use it, and depend on it every day. I believe in what Jakub and gang are up to at Apiary, and highly support you using their tools and services, and will always work to showcase what they are up to.

Hopefully this line in the sand will help me feel a less guilty in this area, because I’m reducing the amount bullshit claims in my writing and stories. (minimum viable bullshit) The Swagger and API Blueprint example, is just one of many conflicts I am struggling with each day, so I figured just being as honest as I can, will be the only way I'll stay sane in all of this.

Photo Credit: Ricardo Moreira