APIs In The University

The University of API

Prepared By Kin Lane

August 2014

Table of Contents

  • Why Am I Looking At Universities And APIs
  • Something Happening Beyond Campus Information Services
  • The Leaders When It Comes To APIs In Higher Education
  • Building Blocks Used By The Leading Universities
  • Making Library Collections Available Via APIs As A Motivation
  • Other Motivations For Providing Public APIs
  • Central Developer Program
  • Providing The Resources API Consumers Depend On
  • Migration From A SOA To An API Way Of Life
  • Providing Robust Internal IT Access To APIs
  • Providing Faculty Access To Campus APIs
  • Providing Student Access To Campus APIs
  • Putting Public APIs to Use On Campus
  • Explore Using APIs Within The Classroom
  • Investing In Hackathon, Data and Process Jams
  • External Vendor Access To Services
  • Implementing A Top Down API Strategy
  • Resorting To A Bottom Up API Strategy
  • Higher Education Is Front Line For Web Literacy
  • Providing A Blueprint For Other University To Follow