Please Provide An Easy To Copy Logo And Description Of What You Do

I spend a lot of time looking at the websites of companies who are doing cool things in the space. I track on about 2000 companies in the API sector, and as part of this monitoring I add the company name, logo, brief description and usually their Twitter and Github account to my systems on a regular basis.

Using this information I will publish a company as part of any research I do across multiple API business categories like API design, deployment or management. If a company is doing something interesting, I need to be able to quickly find a good quality logo, and short, concise description of what the company does—something that is easier said than done.

You'd be surprised how hard it is to grab a logo when its in the CSS, and finding a single description of what the company does, something I usually have to go to Crunchbase or Angelist to find, and often have to write myself.

If you want to help people talk about your company and what you are doing, make it easy for them to find a logo, and description. Please don’t make us click more than once to find this information--trust me, it will go a long way in helping bloggers, and other people showcase what you are up to.