Hello World

Reclaim Your Domain was originally setup during a hackathon at MIT, where Kin Lane (@kinlane), Jim Groom (@jimgroom), and Audrey Watters (@audreywatters), plotted to develop a platform that would help educate people about their online domains, and help them reclaim them.

The concept of what is Reclaim Your Domain is still being worked out. Currently Kin Lane is defining his own Reclaim platform to beta test what is one possible path forward, you can follow that work at kinlane.reclaimyourdomain.org.

This project runs as Github repository, so if you want to participate, you can submit issues via Github, or contact Kin Lane (@kinlane), Jim Groom (@jimgroom), and Audrey Watters (@audreywatters) directly.

We will publish any relevant project information, events and other tidbits here on the blog, as they happen--so stay tune!