Join Me For The Kin Lane Show At API Days in Berlin May 5th And 6th

I attended a conference in Vancouver British Columbia last week. Well I didn’t actually attend or speak at the conference, I was just there to support my partner in crime Audrey Watters(@audreywatters). If you have seen me at events, you know Audrey and I usually travel together, and support each other at events.

While I just worked in the room and lobby, while she attended the conference, I took notice of her approach to delivering her unique keynote. She was the final keynote of the two day event, and her talk was crafted throughout the two days of watching other speakers, and interacting with attendees. On the final day she provided a summary of what she heard and saw, and how it was aligned or misaligned with the overall ed-tech space—the world she covers.

After watching this process, I thought I might give the approach a try. While I’m too busy at API Strategy & Practice organizing and MC’ing, this is something I could do at API Days. I remembered that I actually hadn’t provided a talk title or abstract to API Days in Berlin, they know I’ll deliver something right? So I visited the website to see where they had me in the schedule.

I visited the page, scrolled down, down, and what do ya know? I’m at the end of the first day. Perfect opportunity for providing a recap of day one, which I see many topics of which I can speak to as part of the big API picture, but also craft a talk on the fly, hacked together from what I’m hearing from other speakers and attendees—and call it the Kin Lane Show.

Great name API Days, I couldn't have come up with better title myself. I look forward to seeing y'all in Berlin in couple of weeks.