The Challenge Of Educating New People To The API Space

One of my biggest challenges at API Evangelist is keeping content accessible for people who have just come into the API space. The most successful aspect of my site is the blog, and while I try to keep all my writing targeted outside the developer community, it can be a lot of work to jump in and get up to speed on posts that are chronological.

It is really important to me, that people who are just learning about the space, or weekend API warriors can find the best resources across the space, not just on my blog—this is why I’m super stoked about the new site from 3Scale called API Alchemy.

API Alchemy is looking to curate the best of resources from the API space, providing curated links and commentary and access to the most influential authors across the world of APIs, in an easy to discover format.

API Alchemy isn’t just for newbies either. Now when you are looking for that kick-ass rant from Steve Yegge, or Barack Obama Directs All Federal Agencies to Have an API by that blowhard Kin Lane, you can find it in one place.

Now I have a place to publish the best of the best I find across the API space, and somewhere to send people of all skill levels—API Alchemy. Nice work 3Scale team!

Disclosure: 3Scale is an API Evangelist partner.