Hacker Storytelling - Ed-Tech Funding

I just finished the basic setup for a project that @audreywatters and I have been working on together. A while back Audrey said she wanted to better understand the world of investment behind the ed-tech space. I saw it as a perfect opportunity for collaboration between Audrey's world and mine, so we setup The Ed-Tech (Industry) Matrix.

As I do with all my projects, I setup a Github repository as a container for all the research. I added a base Jekyll template, allowing us to manage all the pages for the research project easily, and we can have also have a project blog which we will use to showcase project updates--leaving Ed-Tech Funding research with three elements:

  • Overview - Home page of the project, explaining the research and providing a single landing page to get at all aspects of the work.
  • Updates - A chronological Jekyll blog which we are using to capture stories of the work we do in real-time, providing an update for each step.
  • Roadmap - A list of work we intend to do on the project, driven from the underlying Github issues. This allows either of us, or any other Github user to add issues to steer where we are going with the work.

That is it for now. I have a lot of work to do in pulling corporate data on all of these ed-tech companies Audrey has targeted through her research. I have already pulled details from Crunchbase, but will be pulling what I can from Angel List, Open Corporates and from the SEC.

The project is a container for us to use when we have time to dedicate to the project. All our work is available in a collaborative way via the Github repository, and we use Jekyll + Github to handle all of the project tasking, roadmap and storytelling around any work that occurs. I'm sure as we make progress both Audrey and I will also be providing deeper analysis via our own blogs.

If you'd like to know more about the project, feel free to ping @audreywatters or @kinlane, or submit an issue for the project. It you'd like to know more about this project format, which I call Hacker Storytelling, I'm happy to help share my thoughts.