If Quora and IFTTT Had a Love Child

I'm spending a lot of time asking questions about 2012 for various year-end stories. Some questions I can just go to my database and pull numbers, others I can use various APIs to ask questions of common tools I use like Foursquare, Eventbrite, Twitter and Pinboard.

Many questions like, "How many Twitter followers did I have in June 2012", are either very complex to calculate or impossible if I didn’t gather the data at that moment. I would like to be able to ask specific questions, discover the services that can answer and setup some sort of automation to make sure the question gets asked on a regular basis.

Imagine if Quora and IFTTT had a love child. A sort of API QA Automation platform. But it wouldn’t be just dependent on APIs, it could run like ScraperWiki and just “borrow” what it needs to answer questions.

Just a thought. If someone has the spare time to build something like this, it would sweet! :)

P.S. I love reaching the age where I don’t feel compelled to build every idea I have as a startup. Just put them out there and let others take advantage of, and everyone will benefit.