Supporting Encrypted Cloud Storage for Modern Web Languages

As more of our lives move online, into the clouds, encrypted backup and storage of not just our vital data, but our personal photos, files and streams is becoming critical--this responsibility to provide secure cloud storage and backup solutions is up to developers of the software, people use every day.

IDrive is working to provide these solutions for developers by delivering two interfaces for developers to integrate encrypted storage into their applications:

  • Command Line Utility - Develop highly scalable, reliable and fast applications to manage your storage on IDrive EVS. Best for desktop applications and also ideal for CRON jobs.
  • REST APIs - An interface designed to allow developers to easily build web and mobile applications to manage storage on IDrive EVS.

To help support our REST APIs users, IDrive has developed three new libraries supporting modern web languages:

Using these libraries, web and mobile applications developers can provide secure cloud storage and back-up, that works with the IDrive platform. In addition to providing users with secure storage within their own apps, developers can also leverage the entire IDrive ecosystem of consumer web and mobile tools already developed for users to manage their data.

There is no reason to leave users data unencrypted, while storing in the cloud, something security experts warn everyone about, but developers can only do with IDrive. Take advantage of the IDrive web client libraries, and use a secure REST API for storing and backing up files in your PHP, Python or Ruby web application.