Local, Geo Landscape Roundup - February 6th, 2012

From the Facebook Blog

  • Join the Facebook Platform team at GDC in March - (02/06/2012) - We're excited to announce Facebook Developer Day at Game Developer Conference in San Francisco on Monday, March 5th. Conference attendees are invited to join the Facebook Platform team for interactive discussions throughout the day on best practices and pro-tips for building social games. At this all-day event, developers will learn the fundamentals of building successful social games across platforms, including mobile and console, and how to deeply integrate apps with timeline through Open Graph. Register now for an "All-Access" or "Summit & Tutorials" pass to GDC San Francisco to secure your spot at Facebook Developer Day on Monday, March 5th.
  • Creating Featured Stories with Action Specs - (02/03/2012) - Recently we announced a new way of creating Featured Stories (previously "Sponsored Stories") on the Ads API by using action specs. These changes make the Ads API more flexible and will make it easier for developers to adapt to new story types as we launch them. We will be deprecating the old sponsored stories creative types as of May 1. Prior to this change Sponsored Stories were defined by choosing the correct Ad Creative type for the specific Sponsored Story type. E. g. a page like sponsored story was type 9, a page post like sponsored story was type 17 etc. This made it complicated for developers to incorporate new Sponsored Story types as each Sponsored Story required different fields per story type.
  • Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love - (02/03/2012) - This week, we published a How-To on subscribing to data changes using the Real-time Updates API, as well as a games update on driving more discovery for games and shared Single Sign-On best practices for iOS and Android mobile developers. Lastly we announced a guide on How to Migrate your Application Profile Page. Ability to set the Password on Test Users We have long had a feature on the Developer App to enable you to create a new test user and to switch to it as needed. We've heard that it was still difficult for developers to test their mobile apps. To address this need, we have added the ability to set the password of the a user now from the Developer App.
  • How-To: Migrate your App Profile Page - (02/01/2012) - In December, we announced that we will be deprecating App Profile Pages on Feburary 1st. Many developers have asked for some tips on how to smoothly migrate their page. Below are some common issues, questions, and pro-tips for how to handle. What happens when users go to my deprecated App Profile Page? We recommend updating any links that you've shared to your App Profile Page to point to your new target Page.


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(02/01/2012) Had a great time sponsoring @StartupWeekend San Jose. Congrats to @dougzor @alexconrad & bzzr.me team for winning our developer prize #swjs

From the InfoChimps Blog

  • The Rise and Fall of the Fortune 500 - (02/01/2012) - this elegant interactive visualization of publicly available Wikipedia data around the Fortune 500, America's largest corporation. His intent was to show how 84,000 data points could be easily viewed and navigated in one interactive piece. We think he did an amazing job using the clean, simple display to tell rich stories of company histories and the rise and fall of our country's top corporations. One company that stands out in our minds is Eastman Kodak, who enjoyed growing revenues and steady profitability for decades.

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(02/07/2012) RT @paulmiller: My #datamarkets podcast with @mrflip of @infochimps now online. @buzzdata chat will go up Thursday. http://t.co/t28gFH53
(02/06/2012) We're excited about our webcast with @datameer on finding customer insights with Big Data analytics! http://t.co/0HnmnFgr
(02/03/2012) @agbegin That is sweet!
(02/03/2012) Our CTO, @mrflip will be speaking at @StrataConf later this month. Will you be there? http://t.co/ThbbYyFG
(02/01/2012) RT @flowingdata: Mapping the drug wars in Mexico http://t.co/BKg6kFkg

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(02/06/2012) Register to download #Yesmail Interactive's FREE #Lookbook, award winning email/mobile designs http://t.co/yg4YEhoZ
(02/02/2012) How to Make Your Mobile Marketing Succeed in 2012 : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/wEJ31rpV via @OpenForum
(02/01/2012) How to Pitch Angel Investors : Money :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/dZAiWbr1 via @OpenForum
(02/01/2012) The 7 Fundamentals of Building a Successful Business : Marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum http://t.co/AnOTU4v9 via @OpenForum

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(02/07/2012) #SherpaEmail attendees: Have you used SMS or QR codes for email list signups? For Yes- Text TWEET A to 64686. For No-Text TWEET B to 64686
(02/06/2012) Join us at #sherpaemail next week! Find out what panels we're participating in & how you can get text alerts http://t.co/Q8XgP8VE
(02/03/2012) @TlaBouff Great to hear, Tara. Which paper did you download? Would love to hear your thoughts on it.
(02/01/2012) Are You Competing with Your Own Business Identity? - Search Engine Watch Article by Jeff Beard (#SEW) http://t.co/J4pqxd2z

From the InMobi Blog

  • Developers' Guide to MWC - (02/06/2012) - Business Cards How many cards were you planning on bringing? Nope - bring twice as many! Make sure you actually do something with the cards you pick up - I like WorldCard for scanning in cards. Pick Up All The Schwag Every company will be handing out free posters, stressballs, branded USB sticks, samples, and - in some cases - giving away phones. Take everything you can lay your hands on. Hand Sanitiser You're going to be shaking hands with thousands of people. Take along a bottle of hand sanitiser to help prevent picking up the MWC lurgy. Throat Lozenges Talking everyone through your app is hard on the vocal chords - especially if you've spent all night at the karaoke!