Switch From SimpleGeo Places, Let CityGrid Pay You to Use Ours

With Urban AirShip shutting down SimpleGeo there are many developers left with the decision of where to go next, to get their places data, as well as context, storage and geocoding services.

CityGrid does not provide context, storage and geocoding services, but we can provide rich places data that developers can use in their web and mobile applications.

Developers can make up to as many as 10 million queries a month for FREE, all you need is to register for a publisher code, and tell us a little about your application.

In addition to FREE access to over 15 million places, CityGrid provides millions of pieces of enhanced local content, including user reviews, deals and offers, photos and videos, social media details, menus, reservations and more.

Next CityGrid provides something you could not get with SimpleGeo places data--the ability to generate revenue from your mobile and web apps.  CityGrid provides webmobile and custom ads, developers can use to monetize their apps.  In addition to advertising you can be paid to just display certain places with CityGrid Places that Pay.

All you need to get started with CityGrid is a publisher code.  CityGrid APIs are RESTful and you can search for places using a geographic search or by longitude and latitude, an get search or places detail responses in either XML or JSON.

When looking for a replacement to your SimpleGeo places data, take a look at the CityGrid API, and rather than paying for your places data, let CityGrid pay you for using ours.