Local Places Data Using CityGrid with Hyp3rL0cal

I needed to learn more about theCityGrid APIs. What better way than to actually build a prototype.

I thought it would be good to have a simple local business directory that could be deployed all by itself, or as part of another web site.

kinlane-productions2 I wanted the directory to look good, but I didn't want to do any graphic design, so I usedTwitter Bootstrapfor the user interface (UI).

I put together five pages, allowing you to browse some local business categories in West Hollywood, CA.
  • Home
  • About
  • Search
  • Detail
  • Contact
The site doesn't use a database. You set the sites config file to a city and state, it makes calls to theCityGrid APIsin real-ime, with the latest business listings, images, offers and reviews.

The site is providing a way for me to learn about the CityGrid APIs, while also producing usable code that other developers can use to bootstrap their own hyperlocal sites and applications.

This project is still in development, you candownload it at Github.

I will work on other enhancements to this prototype, but first I'd like to create a ruby and python version of Hyp3rl0cal, so it can be used as a base for CityGrid API development.

Lot's of learning ahead, I will keep publishing my code to Github and link everything at Hyp3rL0cal.