Printing from the Platform

I spent the entire day today on theDreamforceexpo floor at Moscone Center in San Francisco. 45K in attendees, it was intense. There is a LOT of buzz around the platform.

I talked to quite a few Salesforce application developers today about the opportunities around integrating Mimeo Connect printing into their apps, to help deliver some of the common business documents you'd see produced on theSaleforce.complatform, from marketing collateral to learning management materials.

I just sent out a couple emails internally withinMimeoand to other developers with my thoughts on the opportunities for print integration on this fast growing platform. There are the obvious opportunities for those common business documents, and printing of documents stored in the cloud, but I think there are way more new types of opportunities for printing.

kinlane-productions2kinlane-productions2's tag line for Dreamforce is The Social Enterprise. They demonstrated all the new social integration features from creating employee and client social circles in Chatter, and integrating with other social networks and social media platforms.

This new social enterprise will create entirely new forms of business document creation and collaboration, which will evolve new ways print these documents. Much like the how mobile and social media has transformed book, magazine and photo printing in the consumer space--the same will happen in the enterprise space.

I will be spending more time evaluating the possibilities for print on the platform, and encourage other developers to do so as well. There were NO print companies on the expo hall floor, and 45k thousand users in attendance. Definitely some opportunities for some innovative developers to help define thenext generation of enterprise printing.