Photo Postcard Library for iOS


Sincerely, the app makers behindPostagramandPopBoothhave released a new iPhone specific, photo postcard program called theShip Library for iOS.

The Ship Library for iOS allows any developers to add photo printing and postcard functionality to their app using their basic iOS libraries.

Sincerely handles printing, delivery, billing and customer support, all developers have to do is integrate. Within your app you just pass the photo to the Ship Library and it walks the user through customization, personalization, purchase and sending of the photo postcard for the user.

I think the Ship Library for iOS is a perfect example of the convergence of technology and the print industry. Where social media and mobile computing intersect, there will be a lot more forms of printing that will catch on with users like this.

We will see more types of code libraries and print APIs that enable developers to quickly offer print capabilities in their mobile and web applications.