Scan and Digitize Papers and Books for Only $1

Do you have copies of business documents, books or other papers and photos laying around that you'd love to have digitized? Maybe you want to get rid of the originals, but still have a copy, or maybe you just want to recreate online so you can share with others.

There is a new cokinlane-productions2e="" href="">, that will scan and digitize books, business documents, greeting cards, and photos.

The owner of had over 2,000 books and they were crowding out his Tokyo apartment, so he decided to scan them all, so he could have them all on his iPad. Six months later they had the largest digital scanning service in Japan with over 200 employees doing the same thing for customers in Japan.

After a number of inquires for worldwide, they have decide to launch to provide the same document scanning services here in the US. can scan and digitize all printed materials from books, business cards, greeting cards, photos, to business documents, starting at just $1.00.

Their process works as follows:
  1. Send in papers and photos
  2. will make it digital & publish for you
  3. Access from any device
Looks like a great way to digitize both your personal and web content and make it available online in archive that you can search and retrieve online.

Once in a digital format you could publish to popular cloud computing platforms for access and sharing, and also make available for print-on-demand

I don't see any sort of developer API, but I reached out to the company to see if there are any plans for API in the near future.