Try Cloud Printing Before Investing in Print Infrastructure

I was talking with a Mimeo colleague today about a couple of cloud printing integrations. One of the integrations would potentially allow other commercial printers to augment their own services with Mimeo print products.

We started talking about different ways that existing print shops could add capabilities like poster printing, without investing in the infrastructure to print and ship posters.

Even beyond existing print shops, entrepreneurs with print business ideas can prototype, test, and even launch new print businesses without investing in the infrastructure.

This is the promise of cloud printing. Just like its sister services, cloud computing and cloud storage, cloud printing allows businesses to pay for services as it needs, without major infrastructure investments.

Businesses can utilize Mimeo cloud print services to augment its own print services or to build entirely new businesses targeting specific business needs.

Let me know if I can help you identify new cloud print products you can integrate into your existing systems, using Mimeo Connect Cloud Print APIs.