Cloud Printing with Breezy

Breezy is a new player in the cloud printing space. The Breezy platform allows you to print any document, from any device, to any printer.

Breezy acts as a bridge between your mobile device and your printer in a similar way to Google Cloud Print. The Breezy software keeps an up-to-date list of available printers, and when you want to print something from your laptop or mobile device, Breezy encrypts your document and securely stores it in the cloud, then your computer automatically downloads and prints your document.

Breezy provides three pricing plans:
  • Free - Displays watermark on printed pages
  • Premium - No watermark and includes email and phone support
  • Corporate - Secure, corporate printer sharing
Breezy's print services are powered by an API that enables them to manage access to printers and documents for millions of users simultaneously. They also make the API available to developers looking to integrate their applications with the Breezy platform.

Breezy provides a cloud print platform for individuals and companies to share and print to their home or office printers, a service that directly competes with Google Cloud Print. However Breezy's road-map goes even further than Google's, focusing on connecting you to your home and office, butBreezy is also partnering with hotels , airports, coffee shops, print centers & more to create the world's largest printing network.