Credit Card Debt from a Failed Startup

Here is a little reminder for all the startup hungry folks out there.

This is a dashboard widget for my debt consolidation, for all the credit card debt I racked up doing a startup called Social Media Squad.

I don't regret any of it. I learned so much, and it only failed because of the recession. If I had been able to ride another 4 months I would have been able to make it. We were adding new customers, and had a bunch of people working for us. We just ran out of money to operate.

I hope it can be a reminder for all the startup crazed folks out there looking to make it big. I sure hope you do, but remember there is a good chance you'll be doing what I'm doing also. Paying down 60K in credit card debt.

I only look in here every 6 months, because its a painful reminder. I figured I'd share my pain publicly, for others to learn from.