Crowd-published News and Media with ViewsHound

ViewsHound, a crowdpublished media site, has published work from over 1,000 authors in its first 10 weeks since launch, including over 230 authors, who have submitted at least 5 pieces of work a piece to ViewsHound.

ViewsHound is a news and media site built on daily contributions from authors in various categories. The site incentivizes authors by giving away a prize fund of $120 each and every day.

Editor in Chief, Ian Howlett, said, "Authors continually tell us that they appreciate a site where they feel valued and get treated like human beings. Every article we receive goes through a full editorial process, making sure that we only publish the best work on our site."

Each day they give away three prizes to authors:
  • Gold - $50
  • Silver: $30
  • Bronze: $20
Whether your article wins a prize or not, ViewsHound is a great way to get your message out to the world. Authors can use ViewsHound to gain readers for articles, and benefits SEO, as ViewsHound allows you to link back to your own site.

The site also is a great way to get visibility for yourself, and to establish a track record as a writer and an expert. Viewshound gives writers some space in an "About the Author" box where you can make a commercial pitch and link people back to your own site.

ViewsHound is published by Publisha Ltd, a Seedcamp 2010 winning company that is independent, and privately owned.

I don't see any evidence of an API, which would allow for syndication and potential print on demand publishing for building real-time crowd-sourced newspapers and magazines ,but I will keep monitoring ViewsHound in the future.